Let us find your sweet spot 


Customized browser add-ons save time by keeping favorite, relevant content at a user’s fingertips. Don’t waste your time on leads that won’t ever covert. Downloads allows for a tailor-made campaign targeting the user’s interests, increasing lead quality and maximizing your conversions.

  • Maximum exposure to targeted, hot leads that have expressed interest.
  • User Acquisition at scale.
  • Multiple niche (vertical) specialization.
  • Search and display marketing distribution channels.
  • Over 15 Million Downloads.
  • High quality users at scale = revenue.
  • Customized browser extensions for Chrome, IE, Firefox.

Click to Call

In today’s instant-gratification world, your customers want immediate interaction and results-driven communications. Click-to-call campaign strategies give you instant market messaging and tangible customer interactions that target clients with high purchase intent.

  • Speed to lead (Response Time) is imperative for converting prospects to customers.
  • Hot leads that convert at 10x the rate of other digital leads.
  • Greater lead efficiency reduces overall cost and grows revenue.
  • Record accuracy – No wasted leads due to inaccurate data. Click-to-call offers the most precise, verifiable lead data.
  • Mobile friendly for ease of use.
  • Instant customer interaction.

Lead Generation

Whether your business specializes in B2B or B2C sales, AdSugar can help. We specialize in finding the right prospects for your products or services at the right moment. AdSugar’s specialists introduce potential customers to your brand through various channels. With specific marketing messages tailored to your customer’s interests and needs and by providing quality leads at scale, we’ll accelerate your customer growth.

  • List building through email acquisition.
  • Social: Grow your social media following through targeted acquisitions.
  • Webinars for event promotions.
  • Video following.


Why not reach your clients where they spend most of their time — on their phone? Strategically placed mobile marketing gives you the edge needed to instantly reach clients with targeted campaigns, customized for every industry.

  • User acquisition for mobile apps.
  • Gaming apps.
  • Downloads that target user needs and interests.
  • Software service.
  • Build prospect base of interested clients for highest quality leads.
  • Capitalize on micro-moments to capture quality clientele.
  • Rapid experimentation to fine-tune your campaign.


Why waste time and money on fruitless, bulk mailings when we can provide you with qualified, warm leads for your targeted campaigns. The AdSugar team has developed a proprietary model that focuses on providing personal injury law with hard-to-get, high-value leads, so you can run an unparalleled, targeted marketing campaign.

  • Warm lead market to help you develop high-target, high-return mail campaigns. We have developed a proprietary system to obtain personal injury leads that are qualified and ready to call you for a consultation.
  • Personalized attention to help you develop high-target, high-return mail campaigns. We have developed a proprietary system to obtain personal injury leads that are qualified and ready to call you for a consultation.
  • Customizable sort options to maximize and fine-tune your marketing campaign. Easy-to-use filter options put high-return accident reports in your hands with a simple, quick search.

Why Us?


Performance-based campaigns that are designed to fit your specific industry needs. We will work hand-in-hand with you to develop, maintain, and scale a tailor-made campaign.


A finely-tuned campaign can only be achieved through proper testing, testing and testing again. We use many techniques to analyze your market, such as growth hacking, A/B and ad-copy testing to target your campaign for maximum return.

Long-Term Relationships

We are personally invested in the success of your campaign. We build loyal partnerships with our clients to help them achieve maximum return with minimal investment. We pride ourselves on the winning relationships we build with our clientele.

Perfect Partnerships

Our vast network of active partners allows us to promote campaigns with a global reach. Perfect partnerships mean maximum return.

Personalized Attention

Our specialists and support staff are veterans in the media marketing industry. They will partner with you to hone every aspect of your media campaign driving resources and analyzing data to find your industry sweet spot.

High-Quality Leads

Don’t waste your time and money on leads that don’t convert. Real-time optimization, instant market messaging and targeted down-funnel techniques mean you’re buying customers not just clicks.

Industries We’ve Helped Grow

Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
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