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Amit Raut, the son of first-generation Indian immigrant parents, was 21 years old the day he received his first six-figure payout. It arrived at his family home in a FedEx envelope, hand delivered to his father. Raut made sure that his dad would be the one to receive the envelope that day because he wanted to watch his dad open it. When the tears began to roll down his father’s cheeks, Raut knew that his decision to drop out of NJIT to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams had been the right choice.

At 21, Amit’s monthly salary was more than his father made in a year and he was well on his way to being an industry influencer in the digital landscape. Not long after his first big payday, Raut formed Digital Advertising under the existing Raut Media umbrella.

In 2010 Digital Advertising was ranked the 14th fastest-growing private company by Inc. 5000, and made Inc. 5000’s list of the Top 5 Minority Run Companies with Raut at the helm. Since the enormous success of Digital Advertising, Raut has further branched out his lead gen roots in performance-based marketing with the formation of a highly specialized team under AdSugar. AdSugar has been ranked by Inc. 5000 as the 100th fastest growing private company in America in 2018.

Since watching his father open that first big payout, Amit Raut has become a forerunner in his chosen field. In the intervening years, Raut has made his mark as both an industry authority and innovative businessman by focusing on client needs. Raut measures his clients’ success as the the true test of his team’s acumen: “We are personally invested in the success of our clients. We know what it takes to build targeted campaigns that will give our clients the cutting-edge they need to take their business to the next level.”


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