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I love the chat feature because it frees up time and phone lines for our team. I also love that it gives patients who have dental anxiety a platform to connect with us without making a phone call and spiking their anxiety.

Katie - Office Manager, Dental Practice
Tools Used: Reviews, Webchat

The need to monitor our online reputation has been growing at record speed each year. We want to protect the reputation of our physicians and locations; therefore, we need to be aware of any problem in a timely manner. 

Kathleen - Marketing Director, Medical Clinic
Tools Used: Listings, Reviews, Surveys, Insights, Ticketing

It is definitely leading to new business. We’re getting calls where we’re told because of the Google reviews that we’ve got – and that’s definitely people that wouldn’t have come to us any other way.

Wayne - Owner & Founder, Real Estate Agency
Tools Used: Reviews, Listings

The market in our area is incredible saturated. The last time I looked, there were over 3,000 pest control companies in Phoenix. A high star rating really puts our business ahead of the competitors. It’s an essential part of our success.

Nick - COO, Pest Control Service
Tools Used: Inbox, Listings, Reviews

This partnership has optimized the review generation process at the most critical points in the customer journey. Consumer feedback analytics now drive innovation and improvements in our organization.

Cindy - Treasurer, Mattress Store Chain
Tools Used: Reviews

People com in because of reviews. I’ve had 5x more business in 3 years.

Raj - Attorney & Owner, Law Group
Tools Used: Reviews

User-friendly enough to integrate into our daily workflows and robust enough to allow me to demonstrate value. Our focus on brand reputation management has helped elevate the profile of our credit union in our market, and we are growing!

Kristin - Vice President of Marketing, Credit Union
Tools Used: Reviews

Traditionally speaking, car dealerships don’t have the best reputation. One of the ways we strive to break those expectations is by always putting the customer first. This means we must be very aware of our customer journey and experience, both negative and positive.

Ted - Director of Digital & Social Media, Auto Dealership
Tools Used: Listings, Reviews

We’ve doubled our monthly new client appointments, all thanks to Webchat. The ability to reach out to each website visitor and answer questions wherever I am, at any time of day is a total game-changer.

Jason - Marketing Consultant, Medical Spa
Tools Used: Reviews, Webchat

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